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Voyage- or routeplanner


Both Planners support the planning of your trip. 

In the Route Planner, you start with entering the origin and the destination of your voyage. The Route Planner then determines the possible routes between these points, based on the given ship dimensions. 

You decide which route you choose. You can find information about the route and the objects you will pass under fairway information
The Voyage Planner calculates the fastest route between the given origin and destination. The calculation also gives an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and ETD (Estimated Time of Departure). The computation takes into consideration the ship dimensions, fairway properties, operating hours of locks and bridges, tidal windows and active Notices to Skippers. 

You can use either Planner, or combine them, depending on your needs. The Planners can be used on more fairways than just the main COMEX corridors.

Note: please check the dimensions carefully. CEMT classes are for informative use only.