A majority of services / data offered at EuRIS can also be accessed via Webservices (Open APIs). These include:

  • reference data (RIS Index, network)
  • fairway objects (locks, bridges, berths, terminals etc.)
  • dynamic fairway information (water levels, bridge clearance, discharge etc.)
  • dynamic traffic information (positions, traffic density etc.)
  • transport information (routing, voyage information etc.)

The interfaces and their content are described on the Open Service Portal. Publicly available service categories can be tested without registration by clicking the „Try it out“ function button: Open Service Portal

Further documentation and developer information on the APIs including code examples can be found on the following page: API Documentation

The usage of EuRIS APIs is free of charge and much welcome. If you use our data or services incorporate the following source information in your service:

  • API/Service [name of API/service] incorporated from EuRIS (” 



EuRIS APIs providing sensitive data are secured.

For a permanent use of the interfaces as well as integration of these in third-party applications (e.g. application manufacturer), it is necessary to fulfil the following requirements:

The client needs to have valid OauthV2 token. EuRIS supports authentication via OAUTH v2/Open ID connect. An identity servers has been integrated and can be used for different authentication flows (see:

To use protected EuRIS services you need to have an authorized account. The user also needs to have the necessary OAuth V2 client credentials for machine to machine communication. The authentication process foresees that the client code should ask the necessary tokens using the provided client credentials. The bearer token is used in further webservice communication. 

To receive the required client credentials, please send a request via the contact form to the helpdesk including following information:

  • Applicant name (including company contact person)
  • Company / private person
  • Address
  • Reason of usage
  • Required interfaces / data

After successful examination, the responsible EuRIS administrator provides the required information which guarantees unrestricted use of the requested interfaces.