EuRIS gives you easy access to all information you need as a skipper, vessel owner or logistic operator on the main European waterways. You can register your vessels and follow their route, receive a message when one of your vessels passes a certain point on the network and request information on vessels, voyages and cargo. And there are many more possibilities. As the owner of the information, you are always in charge of who is allowed to see which information.

EuRIS presents all waterway and traffic related information of thirteen European countries on handy maps or in tables, with

  • a real-time traffic image
  • position information of authorized vessels
  • Notices to Skippers
  • Actual water levels, discharges, bridge clearance, water depth
  • information about the fairways, bridges, locks, berths, terminals
  • the operating times of locks and bridges
  • a Route and Voyage Planner
  • travel duration and expected arrival times
  • and many more!

EuRIS brings all relevant information together in one single spot!

Personalized settings

In the MY RIS-section, there are many options to personalize the information you receive about your vessels, voyages and objects of interest.

You can subscribe to Notices to Skippers to receive limitations on the fairways immediately.
With automatic notifications, you’ll be notified immediately if something happens on your route, if the estimated time of arrival is compromised, if new versions of Inland ECDIS charts are available, and so on.

The Route Planner can assist you to decide on the route to take. And with the Voyage Planner, you can calculate your trip at the touch of a button. This application considers vessel dimensions, fairway properties, operating hours of locks and bridges, tidal windows and active Notices to Skippers.

The owner of the information decides who has access to his information, by granting or revoking rights. Thus, your privacy is always guaranteed.

About the EuRIS platform

The EuRIS platform is the result of a cooperation between 13 European countries. The system gathers national information and services, that are now accessible for you - all in one place.

The international cooperation was effectuated within the RIS COMEX project that ran from 2016-2021. It was a CEF funded multi-Beneficiary project aiming at the definition, specification, implementation and sustainable operation of Corridor RIS Services.

With the launch of EuRIS, the operational exchange of RIS data on a European scale is now a fact. This shall allow for traffic management by the authorities and transport management by the logistics sector. The services and information coverage will be constantly improved.