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EuRIS covers almost the entire interconnected inland waterway network in Europe. This includes the following main corridors

  • Rhine
  • Danube
  • Elbe
  • Moselle
  • Dunkirk – Scheldt
  • Amsterdam – Antwerp – Liège
  • Amsterdam – Antwerp – Brussels

On this page you can find general information on the waterway network. At the moment the Rhine, Mosel, Danube, Dunkirk – Scheldt, Elbe-Weser and Mosel corridors are covered.  
An actual overview of the entire covered network is always visible on the maps, such as CEMT overview.



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Rhein (CH, DE), Rhin (FR), Canal d’Alsace (F) Rijn (NL), Waal (NL), Boven Merwede (NL), Beneden Merwede (NL), Noord (NL), Nieuwe Maas (NL), Nieuwe Waterweg (NL), Oude Maas (NL), Hartelkanaal (NL), Pannerdensch Kanaal (NL), Nederrijn (NL), Lek (NL)

CEMT class

Basel (km 166,53) – Karlsruhe (km 359,80)

Karlsruhe (km 359,80) - Lorch (km 540,20)

Lorch (km 540,20)- St.Goar (km 556,00)

St.Goar (km 556,00)- North Sea (km 1035)

Pannerdensche Kop (km 867) – Junction Lek – Noord (km ?)

Class VIa


Class VIb


Class VIa

Class VIb


Class Vb


Total: 1, 239 km

Navigable: 869 km

(from Basel to North Sea)



(spanning from … to…. )

From Graubünden, Switzerland to the North Sea, The Netherlands



Important tributary rivers (with their connecting points)

Aare (Koblenz, CH)

Ill (Strassbourg, FR)

Neckar (Mannheim, DE)

Main (Mainz, DE)

Nahe (Bingen, DE)

Lahn (Lahnstein, DE)

Moselle (Koblenz, DE)

Wied (Neuwied, DE)

Sieg (Bonn, DE)

Ruhr (Duisburg, DE)

Meuse (Dordrecht) (NL)

IJssel (Arnhem) (NL)

Mark (Willemstad) (NL)

Riparian states

Switzerland, Germany, France, The Netherlands


Largest share: Germany 860 km


Connection to other Inland Waterway Transport corridors

Danube corridor, via Rhine-Main-Danube Corridor

Moselle corridor, at Koblenz (DE)

Corridor Amsterdam- Antwerp – Liege, at Rotterdam

Corridor Amsterdam- Antwerp – Brussels, at Rotterdam

Scheldt corridor via Antwerp


Reference water levels

  • Basel Rheinhalle 499
  • Maxau 369
  • Speyer 241
  • Mannheim 160
  • Worms 72
  • Mainz 168
  • Oestrich 87
  • Bingen 100
  • Kaub 78
  • Koblenz 78
  • Andernach 93
  • Bonn 141
  • Köln 139
  • Düsseldorf 97
  • Duisburg Ruhrort 233
  • Wesel 177
  • Rees 120
  • Emmerich 84
  • Lobith 739
  • Pannerdensche Kop 713
  • Nijmegen 523
  • Tiel 258
  • IJsselkop 694
  • GLW/OLR values 2012. To be revised in 2022.
  • All values in cm.

The values in the Netherlands are referenced to NAP

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