The EuRIS website contains a lot of information about the inland waterways, but also about the users that are active in Inland Waterway Navigation. The EuRIS portal collects and processes this information to enable a safe and efficient Inland Waterway Navigation.

During the development and operation of this portal, the safety and security of any and all privacy related and commercially sensitive data are a top priority, making sure that this type of information is only available to users who are entitled to see it.


User groups

The aim of this portal is to appeal to a lot of users, but this certainly does not mean that everyone will have access to all data. Only a limited part of the data will be publicly available. 

The static data with regard to the characteristics of the waterways and actual data of the waterways is available to everyone. However, the position data of vessels is anonymised so that these vessels are not recognizable to users who do not have sufficient rights. The owner / operator of a vessel can register it and then decide who is allowed to see which data related to his/her vessel.    

Authorized employees such as fairway authorities and operators do have access to this data at all times in the context of efficient and safe shipping traffic on the waterways. These employees are obliged to handle this data with the necessary caution in the context of their tasks. In case of an incident for example, they can inform the emergency services of the actual situation in the field so appropriate precautions can be taken.


Users vs. organizations

In order to handle privacy correctly, organizations (or companies) have also been included in the system. 

If you are not linked to an organization as a EuRIS user, you still have plenty of options. For example, you can subscribe to mailing lists, you can request access rights for certain vessels, etc. To manage these services, use the menu "my account". When you create a regular user on the web portal, an organization will not be created by default. There is only a need for an organization if you want to manage a vessel or a terminal.  

The first person to register an organization in the portal automatically becomes the administrator of this organization. When you are an administrator of your organization, you have the option to add other people to it. These can be regular users or co-administrators. An administrator has some additional options compared to a regular user. The administrator can register vessels and manage the viewing rights, register terminals and add extra people to the organization.



When someone submits a request to become a member of your organization or to receive access rights to a vessel, you as the administrator will receive a notification in the portal. In other words, the administrator of an organization determines which information is released.

Once a vessel has been assigned to an organization, the administrator of this organization can determine the privacy settings of this vessel. You will therefore be able to determine yourself which information of your vessels is shown to whom.

Via the menu "My vessels" in "MyRIS" you can determine this setting separately for each of your vessels. In addition to a general setting at vessel level, you can also assign the rights individually to a user of EuRIS. You can then give this user additional rights to follow one or more of your vessels. This can be for a limited period or unlimited in time. Via the overview of your access rights, you always keep an overview on who has the rights to follow your vessels. As the owner of the information, you decide for yourself who is allowed to see which information!

In addition to the setting of the privacy class, you can also grant other users (e.g. agents) reporting rights for your vessel in CEERIS (Central and Eastern European Reporting Information System). To enable this functionality, make sure to also activate the dedicated check-box.



You can choose from 6 classes to determine the privacy settings: which data is shown to the general users of EuRIS.  


Only the position of the vessel will be shown on the map.


In addition to the position of the vessel, its dimensions and the type of AIS transponder (A or B) will also be shown. 


All broadcasted AIS information is shown when you select this class. This means that in addition to Class 2 data, the name, MMSI number and other AIS information will be displayed.


In addition to AIS information, voyage and cargo information will also be displayed. These are all data that are collected in the context of electronic reporting. If the final destination of the voyage is known by EuRIS, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) will also be displayed.  


In addition to the data from class 4, the ETA will be displayed at the successive passage points (specific locks, bridges…).  


When choosing this class, all available data will be displayed. This means that the Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) is also displayed at passed passage points. This class is also required to allow other users to follow the voyage of a vessel including travel plan (ETA and ATA).