Registration Guide

In order to make full use of EuRIS, you need to create an account. This will make available extra services such as subscriptions, notifications, CEERIS to report your voyages [] or registration of your vessels or terminals. You can then keep track on your vessel, request information on other vessels and be informed of their ETA. Only the owner of a vessel or terminal can register it.
Note: to request insight on ships’ data owned by others, please click here.

To create your account, you need to

  • choose a profile,
  • enter your personal data.

To register vessels or terminals, you subsequently need to create an

  • organization that your vessel/terminal belongs to,
  • or choose an already existing organization  have your ownership of the vessel/terminal verified.

After these steps, you receive a confirmation of your registration and you are ready to go!

Below, the steps are explained in detail.


Step 1 - choose profile

profielen registratie

In the first step you choose a profile. Depending on the chosen profile, you will be offered certain functionalities. If you are a skipper you can add your vessel to your profile and manage its privacy settings or share information with others. A Terminal Administrator will not automatically have this possibility. In the description of the profiles (see screenshot) you can read which profile to choose.

If you made the wrong choice, don't worry, you can change this choice at any time in "My account". It is also possible to choose multiple profiles, for example if you manage both vessels and terminals.







Step 2 - personal data

In the second step, your personal details are requested. This data will be used for sending mails or notifications.

Don’t forget to confirm your data via the email you’ll receive at the end of the process. You can read our privacy policy.


step 3 - create organisation

In this step you have to fill in the details of your organisation.

You can first search if your ‘organisation’ is already registered in EuRIS. Be careful to use the exact spelling. Try multiple spellings if you can’t find the organisation immediately.

If your organisation does not exist yet, you can create a new organisation. In that case, you are the “first user” and you are automatically the administrator of this organisation. Please be aware that you will not be able to change the name and email of the organisation afterwards, as it must be guaranteed that the organisation is unique. Please use the official name of your organisation to allow other users to find it easily.

The administrator of an organisation has the following options:

  • Add users: create a new account for users that you want to be part of your organisation
  • Invite users: invite users that have an account but do not belong to an organisation yet
  • Register other vessels and terminals of your organisation
  • Set the privacy class for vessels and terminals. For further details on privacy classes please go here
  • Grant other users in EuRIS rights to view the position and voyage data of a particular vessel of your organisation (unlimited or for a specific time period)
  • Change information of your organisation

Other members (users) of an organisation, which do not have the administrator role, have the following options:

  • View their organisation’s vessels and terminals data
  • Access to the electronic reporting message box in EuRIS
  • View voyage plans and position of their organisation’s vessels
  • Have access to use CEERIS to send electronic reports for their organisation’s vessels.

 For the use of CEERIS administrators can also

  • grant other users in EuRIS (e.g. agents) the permission to send electronic reports for a particular vessel in CEERIS.

step 4 - register vessel

To add a vessel/terminal to an organization, you need to fill in the correct data in this screen. Only the owner of the vessel/terminal can do this. Based on the data you enter, the system will verify whether you are the rightful owner. Please be aware that the ENI number is required to use a variety of services. For reporting voyages in CEERIS a valid ENI number for the registered vessel is mandatory.

By default, the verification is based on the telephone number or email address of your organization. You can change this if you wish.

The entered identification data of the vessel is checked by the national authority of the country issuing your tonnage or navigation certificate.

To complete your registration you must accept the terms and conditions. You will receive one or more emails to verify the email addresses you have entered and to confirm the registration of each vessel or terminal.

After this is done your account will be active and you can log on to the portal. 

It is possible to register multiple vessels/terminals you own simultaneously. Additional vessels/terminals can also be added at a later stage.


Questions / Problems

If you run into any problems creating an account, please report it using the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible to help you further.

In case you have any questions about CEERIS, please also refer to the FAQs or contact your national support of your respective country [CEERIS, see footer].